Episode 393

  • Jack in the box stock market

  • People and their investments

  • The emotions of the investors got in the way in september

  • October is starting out to be a great month for investing despite being long term investors

  • People are too worried about whats going to happen in the market and what Trump is going to do

  • Investor sentiment is the lowest its been

  • Might see a big swing upwards for equities

  • Cyclical bull and bear markets

  • Recession, rates, locked in rates

  • People make decisions based on what they see on the news; that needs to stop and investors need clarity!

October 15, 2019

Episode 392

October 9, 2019

Episode 391

Guest: Nicole Flaherty; Attorney

  • Trust and estate lawyer

  • Common mistakes that people make in their estate

    • Example: Prince's estate issue

      • prince did not have a will, or it could not be located

      • must be safe guarded

    • why you should attend the seminar to avoid the issue!

  • Mistakes:

    • failing to plan

  • What happens if you don't have a will?

    • state statutes decide where your money goes

    • goes to probate from there

  • How often do you review your will and trust?

    • overlook your legacy planning once a year

      • you don't have to always change something but making sure its all on track

October 8, 2019

Episode 390

Guest: Nikki Rohloff; CPA from Roach Associates

  • Panelist from our upcoming Tax Planning Seminar

  • Work with business owners and small businesses

    • if its just a W2 employee there isn't much value add

  • Chatting about partnerships and S-Corp

    • new tax laws

  • 15% tax for self employment

  • What changed in the tax laws?

  • Consumer is led to the idea that things should be as cheap as possible

  • Nothing is free!

October 1, 2019

Episode 389

September 25, 2019

Episode 388

  • Are we going to have a recession or not?

  • Inverted yield curves?

  • Valuation matters!

  • There are different ways to find value in businesses

  • Be careful with how you understand diversity

  • Diversification; knowing what you own and why you own it

  • No one position should make or break a portfolio

  • Mark Breaks down an Investopedia article

  • DO NOT invest money on an investment because it has a nice yield

  • Maintaining a well diversified portfolio of 25-30 stocks yields the most cost effective level of risk reduction

  • This allows further asset allocation benefits!

  • Volatility will always create the opportunity to buy businesses on sale!

September 24, 2019

Episode 387

September 19, 2019

Episode 386

September 17, 2019

Episode 385

  • Topic: value

    • what value does your advisor provide?

  • Helping with expectations

    • retirement

    • family goals

  • Investing is not one size fits all

  • Flexibility is incredibly important

  • Advisors sharing stories of instances that they provided value

  • It’s not just about hoe much youre making, its also how much an advisor is helping you save

September 12, 2019

Episode 384

  • Value stocks vs growth stocks

  • Going to have differing returns

  • Can enhance returns and reduce volatility

  • Modern portfolio theory

    • asset allocation of small, mid and large cap

  • Growth examples

    • Netflix

    • Amazon

    • Microsoft

    • Facebook

    • Mastercard

  • Understand the value of what you're buying!

  • Growth stocks become grossly overpopulated

  • Time in a stock not timing a stock

    • volatility creates the opportunity

  • Don’t get worried about corrections if you’ve done your asset allocation correctly

  • Reversion to the mean

  • The fundamentals of a business matter

September 11, 2019

Episode 383

September 10, 2019

Episode 382

September 5, 2019

Episode 381

  • Is there a bubble in passive investing

    • the big short movie example

  • Beware of people talking about low cost, index investing, benchmarking to indexes, etc

  • Most people have no idea how the index returns are calculated

  • In index funds there is investing going on

  • How can you have a bubble?

    • 1999

      • the nasdaq took over as the index for favorites who wanted to own technology businesses

      • market cap weighted like the S&P

    • a bubble bursts because there is only so much money that can flow into stocks

  • The trade war and trade dispute; economies not getting along

  • A bubble could bust; looking at the index itself

  • Talking about the investment stress test as a tool for those invested in indexes

September 3, 2019

Episode 380

August 27, 2019

Episode 379

August 22, 2019

Episode 378

August 20, 2019

Episode 377

  • Difference between having a will and having a trust

  • A will is not legally binding

    • effectively is a letter to the probate judge

    • it WILL go to probate

    • you direct assets and pick someone who will handle the affairs

  • Healthcare directive is incredibly important

    • living will

    • organ donor

  • Probate: the judge needs to review where your assets are going to go

  • Setting restrictions for your children?

  • Important to have a trust as well as a will

August 15, 2019

Episode 376

August 14, 2019

Episode 375

  • Time in an investment, not timing an investment!

  • Volatility creates opportunity!

  • Investors view their investment time horizon in comparison to when they are going to retire

  • Your money still needs to be invested so you can keep pace or exceed inflation

  • Do not take your money out of investments when you retire!

  • Volatility is not RISKY; its the allocation that is risky

  • During volatility is when there is more uncertainty and perceived risk

  • We are NOT on the verge of a recession

  • There are 5 indicators for an recession

    • NEVER is going to determine we are in a recession

  • Investment philosophy and strategy

  • Buy discipline and sell discipline

Question: I get the idea of volatility giving you opportunity to buy companies on sale: where do you come up with the money to buy them at that point? Either you had to have money in cash in which case it ant working for you or you’re forced to sell something else that is suppose to be invested in a good business, which seems like market timing

  • Most people who are invested in Mutual Funds and ETFs don’t have the flexibility because their money is all invested

  • In a well diversified SMA, there are assigned percentages of what you want to own in any given business

  • Taking profits where there are greats gains

  • Sell a position to invest in another position

  • Selling a position at a loss in tax loss harvesting

  • Sell the high to buy the low

  • You put cash to work over time

  • Its not market timing because were looking at the businesses we want to own on sale

  • Can take partial profit and don’t need to have a lot of cash

We’re not looking at the “market”, most people if you’re a growth portfolio do not have cash thats why asset allocation is incredible important

August 13, 2019

Episode 374

  • Advisor Thursday topic: Long term care

  • Does long term care include hospice?

  • Even the wealthy can utilize long term care

  • Assisted living vs nursing home care

    • different facility

    • transition care, independent living or some sort of assistance

  • There are different levels of care

    • the cost of this type of care is growing exponentially

  • Is there a surrender period for these type of policies and get your full money back

  • Asset protection becomes increasingly important when it comes to paying for your long term care

August 8, 2019