market is quietly creeping up higher

  • there are reasons for every decision made when it comes to portfolio management

  • diversification vs assets allocation

    • two completely different strategies

  • raise to the bottom in fees and cost for money management

  • management fee is not a cost… its an investment

    • people are working for you on your behalf

    • if someone is worthy of being paid a certain amount that means they are doing a great job and deserve the payment

  • many investors view volatility as risk and as a negative

  • volatility traditionally creates opportunity

  • confidence and clarity is key in terms of your investment process

  • everyone wants a good deal and to pay the least amount as possible

  • canibalization

    • people are devaluing what it is that advisors do

    • make it a price or a commodity

    • robo advisors have been very popular due to price

July 10, 2018