On this episode, Mark talks about:

  • The job of the media is to get people engaged
  • Bitcoin: went from 1700 to 1800, then moved back to 1470
    • Back up to 1800
    • The actual bitcoin went 12,000 to 9,000 and today closed at 19,000
    • The problem with bitcoin can’t be turned into cash
  • Who is valuing bitcoin? You are - the people buying it
  • A rule of thumb: many investors view those metals as investments - they are not investments!
  • Proxies for currency, they are hedges
  • 24 is the average pike PE before markets go into a spiral
  • Do not let the media scare you from investing!
  • Asset allocation tool, piece you put in the portfolio as part of your portfolio for overall portfolio performance
  • When you have a portfolio and it is appropriately asset allocated every position in that portfolio should be owned for a specific reason for the whole portfolio to perform as one
  • Everything is in the portfolio for a reason

December 7, 2017