• China trade war

  • Piggy backing off of Chucks discussion

  • Lots of cash still sitting on the sidelines

  • Time to get back to the basics!

    • buy and sell discipline

  • Am i on track for the financial future I want and are my investments doing the best they can

  • Being a long term investor in businesses allows us to buy companies on sale

  • Talking about the R's

    • Renters, risk, reliable and return benchmarks 

    • portfolio holdings vs renters

      • Wallstreet prefers renters for more profit. more expensive to rent than to own 

    • price swings vs risk

      • volatility creates the opportunity to invest in businesses on sale

    • predictions vs reliable

      • wall street wants to keep you worried and paying attention to the ups and downs of the market

    • return benchmarks vs asset allocation

      • the benchmark should be am i on track to have the future i want

  • How much money should you be saving? what is your risk tolerance

  • Owners, opportunistic, own terms

The 4 O’s:

  1. View being an investor as being an owner

  2. When there is volatility; the investor views that as opportunity

  3. Onerous; 

  4. Own terms: investors view their performance for their won terms they eliminate the need to compare

May 22, 2019