• We don’t believe in comparing against indexes, and we believe in continually investing in great businesses

  • Last year or two many people have gone to cash

    • when do you “get back into the market”

    • DONE think that way!

  • Theres always a bull market somewhere! - Jim Cramer

  • Asset allocate and diversify so volatility is an opportunity!

  • Invest like a business owner

  • The industry tells you that volatility is bad and it causes you to lose money 

  1. Portfolio holdings

    Greatest risks in portfolio? how do you view holdings in your portfolio?

  2. Price Swings

    How do investors view the ups and downs of prices of things in their portfolio?

    Mutual funds can be extremely opaque

  3. Predictions

    How to investors view and predict predictions of the future

  4. Performance

May 1, 2019