The investor will have clarity based on how they view….

  • Portfolio holdings

  • How do investors view Price swings in the investment they own

  • How do investors view Predictions 

  • How do you view Performance, and compare in your portfolio 

In regards to the above:how does an investor view the four P’s?

1. Owner or renter

2. Opportunity or risk

3. Onerous or reliable

4. Own terms or rely on benchmarks

  • comparing portfolios is a diservice to yourself


  • Fear of missing out

  • When there is a decrease in the market there is an increase in fear

  • People are selling their actively managed mutual funds and investing them into bond funds

  • One of the primary drivers of assets leaving the marketplace


Leading Economic Index

  • 10 pieces of data that have within the data a forecasting component that is “statistically consistent” with the rise and fall of the economy

    • “very reliable”

  • It is rarely talked about by the media

  • Last week the LEI was up

April 23, 2019