• In 2019 we have been very bullish for price appreciation of great businesses

  • 2019 should be a very big year

  • If your portfolio is properly asset allocated, then you should look forward to pull backs and recessions

    • corrections where you can rebalance and take advantage of buying things on sale

  • You must have volatility to propel your portfolio forward

    • its not risk if your portfolio is allocated in regards to your risk tolerance

  • Short term is tactical, long term is strategic

    • you must plan for both!

  • Make sure you reset your portfolio to the percentage that you should be invested into based on your plan

Every Thursday will be a financial planning focused radio show

  • Star Tribune article: portfolio/investing section

    • robo investing

    • “robo advisors are your friend”

    • Headline: not to be confused with financial planners but between picks, a computer could be your best pick

    • robos pick based on mathematical rules or algorithms

April 9, 2019