• Not a factive vs passive investing

    • the industry is moving to a more simplistic approach for financial planning

    • planning is more strategic than that!

      • assessing options and having someone guide you in the unexpected can not be replaced

  • Passive investing: less buying and selling, leading investors to buy into mutual funds and ETFs

    • still the bigger market 

  • active & passive all in the same portfolio?

  • active investing: takes hands-on approach where someone steps in as a portfolio manager

    • takes advantage of short term price fluctuations

    • oversees a group that looks over quantitive and qualitative

  • successful investing is investing over time in companies regardless of entry price

    • if you believe in long term fundamentals and the current valuation is accurate thats all that matters

  • The key to successful investing is statistical probabilities

    • what is the probability you are right or wrong? and what is the impact to the overall portfolio


  • 3 ways to not make mistakes in investing and being a business owner

  • discussing the new Nepsis blog

April 3, 2019