On this episode, Mark talks about:

  • In the absence of value, thus becomes price
  • If an investor does not have a perception of value that they are getting from their advisor then it is only common sense they look for low cost
  • People pay for value
  • You don’t pay Nepsis to manage your money, you invest in Nepsis and invest in someone to do a good job for you
  • Clarity brings greater confidence to the decisions you make
  • It's not a cost, its an investment
  • Can you put a price on clarity?
  • Trump and his capital growth plan
    • Capital sued to build the economy and add more jobs
    • You have to pay more to get the best
  • No tax plan ever appeased everyone
  • This plan “doesn’t give the working class a tax break”
    • If you aren’t paying much tax into the system in the first place, how are you saving taxes anyway
  • It's the 1% that takes the capital they’re making and reinvests it, buys, or donate

December 20, 2017