In this episode, Mark talks about how expensive the investments you own are. It doesn’t matter if the market is expensive, it matters if what you own is. Nepsis doesn’t sell a product, it sells a process. He discusses an article: “this bubble is about to burst!!!” So many economic indicators are performing poorly but the market is high. Forbes: “why is wall street winning right now and everyone else is losing?!”. The Fed is not allowing corrections to happen. Fixed annuity being used to “protect your assets from a correction”. But to protect you from what? Investors invest in businesses, but they invest in too many businesses. They need to bringing the investments and planning together. In his segment "Headline versus the bottom line, Mark talks about how most headlines are negative in nature. Another article: another night another high for the Dow that says “the Fed has the markets back”. The stock market can’t be a gamble if you don’t invest in it, but instead focus on businesses.

July 17, 2017