In this episode, Mark asks when is the next stock market crash? There are always opportunities to invest in something and investors must make their spending habits drive their portfolio, as opposed to the other way around. He talks about the 5 biggest myths about the stock market:
1. “Investing in stocks is just like gambling” - Business owners will say they don’t want to invest in the market, I would rather invest in my business so I know where my money is going. What does it mean to buy stocks? A share is proof of ownership in a business.
2. "The stock market is an exclusive club for brokers and rich people”
3. Fallen angels will eventually come back up. Mark talks about market capitulation. Investors begin to quit, only to see the market bounce back
4. What does up must go down: volatility is mandatory when it comes to your ability to invest for success.
5. A little knowledge is better than knowing nothing: investors that do their homework are the ones who succeed

April 26, 2017