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Episode 291

  • A lot of the things the industry puts out sets investors up to fail 

  • 8 months is the average holding period for investing in a company

  • Investors do not have na understanding of what they own and why they own it but also they don’t understand how decisions are made in their portfolio

  • Expecting the future to look like the past, and missing out on humility 

    • One of the top things investors don’t understand

  • “Beating the stock market”

    • What stock market?

    • A market is somewhere you go to buy and sell goods and services

    • Stock market is where you go to buy and sell businesses

  • You should not have 100% of your money in the S&P 500

    • Therefore at no time should you compare your performance to the S&P

  • Should be asset allocated 

  • Discipline in investing is PARAMOUNT

    • To your process

    • Buy and sell discipline

  • Beating a benchmark is a misleading statement

    • The only benchmark your portfolio should be up against is “am i getting closer to my goals”

  • Successful investing

    • Investing in great businesses over time

    • Don’t over diversify and allocate properly 

    • Consider volatility your friend 

  • Forget what happens over a short period of time

October 2, 2018

Episode 290

  • Investing is a process. many investors do not want to commit to a process

  • what are the parameters investors use to judge how “happy” they are with their financial advisor?

  • what services are people not getting that causes them to be upset

    • communication?

    • returns?

    • content?

  • we are all at some level looking for clarity in our lives

    • jobs, money, bills

    • we spend too much time worrying

  • the media is hyper focused on comparing your portfolio to the performance of the S&P 500

    • no portfolio should have 100% of their money in an S&P 500

    • you’re diversified but you’re not asset allocated 

  • lack of clarity in the investment world at what they should be looking at to gauge how well their investments are doing

    • it is not about rate of return or beating a benchmark 

  • rate of returns is RELATIVE

  • risk aversion?

  • how do you properly gauge the probability of loss? You can’t

  • a key to success: expectations

    • having reasonable expectations and managing them

august 30, 2018

Episode 289

  • logic class story

  • not many students passed the class

  • was talking about statistical probabilities, logic and common sense on tuesday

  • you would like to have the best odds possible to make you successful

  • having the ability of knowing what you own and why has a great statistic that you will be more successful

  • you’re better equipped to make better decisions

  • interesting things happening in the market

    • “counter currents”

  • financial planning put out an article: the top performing active months

    • one of the big reasons people move their money from advisors is for lack of performance

    • when you move your money from one place to another do you know why there was poor performance?

august 9, 2018